About Us

- Police Department 64 Police Danang PC monitor closely the training of professional training of staff to protect us.
- Central Da Nang CSCD training directly trained professional security guards of us.

- Police Fire Department – Police Da Nang direct professional training in fire fighting, rescue and senior masters of traditional martial arts federation in Da Nang, Vietnam martial arts training.
Staff Security Asia Dragon is selected based on strict criteria: Health – Ethics – techniques and wisdom. Employees are equipped with extensive knowledge of professional ethics bodyguard, communication behavior, Svetlana protection, medical first aid, fire fighting and rescue, combat martial arts and self-defense laws relating to the protection.

Company DVBV Asia Dragon Limited is committed to providing high quality service and the most stable, satisfying the needs of customers.
Dragon Company Limited Asian DVBV constantly improve management efficiency and quality of service. Asia Dragon Security guards are trained, improve operations, cultivate moral character, sense of discipline, high sense of responsibility worthy of the trust of the customer.
Asia Dragon Security – Safety of customers – our success!
We are always ready to serve!