Escort Service Merchandise

Protection Corporation Asia Dragon is known for the long-term operation in the industry to provide professional security services throughout the country . From inception to date has undertaken major projects to protect and influential to many industries , different sectors , especially the implementation of security services related to maritime industry , banking , import and export , … as freight and transportation money . The company is constantly evolving and advertise freight service to its growing number of customers looking to collaborate. A contract of carriage of goods by our company are thoroughly interested right from the cargo from place to place until delivery to the recipient, and we remain absolutely responsible job as a way to keep maintenance of professional ethics .




Security services are freight services on the service pack is great protection services moving target . The object of the service is the particular assets , or to be precise the goods . A calculation of the value of goods when they are usually not too big , but freight service requires shipping tons of cargo should be valued in the tens of billion, the wallet and work protection requirements of collective responsibility very large . Goods including machinery , equipment factories , hospitals and many consumer products company , … may be some cross-national transport safety therefore impact not only goods to organizations and individuals in the country but also can impact companies and organizations overseas delivery . Security service freight which plays an important role for reputable companies and with the benefit of customers . Dat Vo understand this should not have any errors in the process of implementing freight services .
Escort cargo comes with the loading of goods for inventory operations , delivery is made easier , so security guards who have very good health to be able to support both 2 sides delivery . In addition, staff ensuring common standards for all services as the standard of martial arts , the skills , drive , standards of conduct to give customers the perfect service . A security service freight should average about 4 guards divided into 2 shifts driving and have enough leisure time to regenerate health . Depending on the total volume of goods to be transported , the company will arrange the number of security guards fit on the principle of ensuring the requirements thoroughly .
The company was broad protection Asian PIJICO insurance company insurance for civil liability for compensation to customers up to 8,000,000,000 VND each loss incident . Collaborate with our goods are not guaranteed but also assured customers that the company will bear all responsibility and most comprehensive publicly . Prices freight services is higher than the target services in fixed , because the object of the service is likely loss products , may become targets of criminals in transit should protection should an elite force and all the more , more, goods are often transported long day , between places where geographical distance is quite far from each other , thus constituting service charges extra personal support staff support to ensure health protection work done outside the salary costs , other insurance .
To get the goods to arrive on time and in sufficient quantities , customers put faith oCong broad protection Asian companies
Honored to serve our customers !