Installation of Security Systems

Protection Corporation Asia Dragon specializes in providing services: selling security equipment, survey, design and installation of security systems, security, video surveillance systems, intrusion prevention systems, system fire alarm, fire, security and safety equipment used for force protection.
+ Support Equipment Protection:

Supported devices include protective equipment radios, metal detectors, batons, riot shields, key 8, bulletproof armor, tear gas guns … etc. …




+ Security Equipment:

Supply and installation of CCTV system, electronic patrol system, time attendance card press, warning systems against intrusion, the latest security camera monitoring via phone, internet, computer networks.


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Just amalgams CCTV

+ Technology : Training of security operations for individuals and organizations in need ; Provide forms in service system protection ; management process Provide security forces ; Make sure plans protection for organizations wishing ; management and protection services ; legal documents relating to the protection …

After the supply , installation , basil I will guide users directly to the extensive knowledge about the product , how to install , configure and operate thong.Cac equipment provided by us will be covered by the warranty of the manufacturer or to the individual requirements of each project .

Protection Corporation Asia Dragon is one of the leading company dedicated to providing bodyguards and security equipment , has arranged security forces throughout the day and night for many businesses call for us to use the best security services .