Protection Event – Festival

Asia Dragon provides protection service events, festivals, events for professional customers. For an event or program a success, not to mention protection order elements for the event, ensuring that safety programs take place throughout the program or event. The nature of this service does not include asset protection, this type characteristics in nature to maintain security and order are the other cases, such as anti-disruptive, offensive singers, actors, major guest, vandalism san.vv Guard security within the agreed area protection plans from previous customers.



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The company protects Asia Dragon with over 10 years experience in the security services industry in general and provides security services in particular event is always the first to offer optimal protection plans for the program events from small to large , from narrow to wide range , from the well-attended event in the senior event with the presence of the character class .

The company protects Asia Dragon always have a certain workflow according to the nature and characteristics of each event according to customer requirements , and plans intended to protect all security risks could likely occur during the program , from which the apparent solution besides preventive protection plan approved professional clients before deploying security forces for the event . Safety and reliability is always a factor to be protected Corporation Asia Dragon and interest during construction and protecting the event .



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The company protects Asia Dragon is one of the leading company dedicated to providing bodyguards and security equipment, has arranged security forces throughout the day and night for many businesses, individuals and organizations go call us to use the best security services.