VIP Protection of Human Factors

Company Asia Dragon Protection service providers Protecting, protecting politicians, unions protected, tourist visitors, Singer protect, protection performance … Customers defense vien.vvv professional officers accompanying side. The security situation occurring are the best guards to ensure safety of lives and property.




One of the new trends of the industry in Vietnam is protecting the security services personal protection . Along the development of the society , the demand for security – safety and the cultural and spiritual values ​​of the people are increasingly aware of and appreciated . The security services of our personal protective cover homes , villas , protect people , protect private property , protection of important figures such as politicians , celebrities , foreigners , etc. …

The requirements for the protection of human weakness :

- Target at the forefront of people ‘s guards ensure absolute security for protected persons ( including safety of life , health , honor , dignity , and property according to their normal activities usually protected by nhuoi … ) .

- Need to understand the character , habits , preferences, and the main activities of the protected person . Note that the operation protection requirements as travel , meetings and contacts with the public , tours , travel …

- Guards mastering social relationships , family . Special attention is important relationships and often, the people they met often , affected persons , who are protected dominant , dominant in their activities

- Security guards often have to build relationships communication with the protected person , and content exchange requirements of the duty to protect .

- Create a friendly environment , harmony , trust and peace of mind for the psychological protection . To do this well bodyguards have been fostering learning improve knowledge and communication skills to communicate psychology .

- Staff very strong bodyguard location , phone number of the station, the core , the headquarters of the police on the roads , areas where people are usually there to defend when necessary, request support emergency assistance .

- Professional Security has maintained communication with superiors , to ensure a smooth exchange of problems arising in the course of the VIP security operations .

- Go to ” partner ” with the protected person as assistants , secretaries or assistants … to facilitate the specific activities in the protection process .

- Always shield in position for the protection and preparedness activities harming the protected person , avoid passive in the process of performing the tasks .

With the motto ” Satisfying customer needs ” based on human factors associated with professional equipment suitable system , smart and modern . Protection Corporation Asia Dragon is committed to quality and the ability to optimize for each product – the service that we provide .

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