Protection Event – FestivalAsia Dragon provides protection service events, festivals, events for professional customers. For an event or program a success, not to mention protection order elements for the event, ensuring that safety programs take place throughout the program or event. The nature of this service does not include asset protection, this type characteristics in nature to maintain […]
    Installation of Security SystemsProtection Corporation Asia Dragon specializes in providing services: selling security equipment, survey, design and installation of security systems, security, video surveillance systems, intrusion prevention systems, system fire alarm, fire, security and safety equipment used for force protection. + Support Equipment Protection: Supported devices include protective equipment radios, metal detectors, batons, riot shields, key 8, bulletproof […]
    VIP Protection of Human FactorsCompany Asia Dragon Protection service providers Protecting, protecting politicians, unions protected, tourist visitors, Singer protect, protection performance … Customers defense vien.vvv professional officers accompanying side. The security situation occurring are the best guards to ensure safety of lives and property.   Artwork One of the new trends of the industry in Vietnam is protecting the […]
    Plant Protection – Enterprise. Etc..The company factories, enterprises face the fact that acts of theft and vandalism can occur at the base of ho.Voi business long experience in the field of protection of factories, guards are trained and have the work ethic, Company security Asia Dragon is sure to make you satisfied. CHis security company providing Asia Dragon Patrol […]
    Protection of fixed targetI – OBJECTIVES AND SECURITY FEATURES : Vary according to particular characteristics of each company , factory , factories , warehouses , parking , hotels, office buildings , banks , housing , supermarket, schools … II – REQUIREMENTS AND SECURITY DUTIES : 1 . Requirements: - Based on the location and characteristics of the production […]
    Escort Service MerchandiseProtection Corporation Asia Dragon is known for the long-term operation in the industry to provide professional security services throughout the country . From inception to date has undertaken major projects to protect and influential to many industries , different sectors , especially the implementation of security services related to maritime industry , banking , import […]