Bodyguards for President Obama

* Who wants to kill Obama?

Michelle is also very afraid of her husband’s assassination. But Mr. Obama has convinced his wife and two daughters. During his election campaign Obama to Michelle public his fears, stating why she decided to overcome that fear.

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” The rebel ”

Foreign dignitaries ( Secret Service ) is the protection of the president 115 years from now . Foreign dignitaries are using about 3,000 agents , in which hundreds of people to protect the president and his family.

Barack Obama is the first black president of the United States . He faces more than 43 threats predecessors , simply because of his skin color . Ed Donovan , a spokesman for the foreign dignitaries , said: ” He’s facing a different threat , arising from the jealousy of domestic extremists . Threat from abroad less” .

Like his predecessors , President Obama and his family is being named foreign dignitaries personal radio code . Code name of POTUS ( U.S. President ) Barack Obama is ” Renegade ” ( The rebels ) , the FLOTUS ( First Lady USA ) Michelle Obama is ” Renaissance ” ( Renaissance ) . Codename Obama ‘s two daughters are ” Rosebud ” ( rosebud ) and ” Radiance ” ( glow ) .
In particular , Michelle, and two daughters are a little alarming devices like pocket opening car key remote . Just press a bodyguard will come and save immediately .

According to Joseph Petro , head of the division of Citigroup Global Security , Mr Obama is due to a special person , and foreign dignitaries challenges that face today are different than any previous period .

Petro is a person who has to determine how because he has 23 years of operatives and foreign dignitaries , including over 4 years ( 1982-1986 ) the personal bodyguard of President Ronald Reagan . He knew just a moment ‘s distraction woes will pour down first .
Presidential Personality is a challenge for the guards . Petro said : “President Obama loves to go out to the people exposed . Atmosphere at his new politics in the White House is heated by Republicans just lost pain . Plus the color factor of the total system , we face a huge challenge . ‘s no room for any mistakes . ”

Lessons J.F. Kennedy

Of President John F. 22-12-1963 day Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas is a lesson that any agent any foreign dignitaries beginner will have to learn to learn until absorbed back into the bone marrow .

In accordance with modern standards of security , there are too many mistakes in protecting President Kennedy . The public notice route of President Kennedy was a fundamental mistake . Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald had been relatively easy to select a corner shot from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Storage . Today , all the high points along the route POTUS is ” sterilized ” and sealed a few days ago .

But the biggest mistake of his personal Kennedy ordered removed from the bulletproof glass of his limousine . Kennedy also ordered guards not to be run after the car makes the task even more killer Oswald easy.

Finally , the task of protecting the president and foreign dignitaries also difficult to accomplish if the president himself refuses to ask the guards. President is the commander in chief U.S. Army . Guards can only advise the president on how best to protect the president , not the president may order .

Petro said, ” want to put the president on foreign dignitaries Camp David shortly after the coronation and the president wants to avoid contact with people throughout the term of 4 years . Foreign dignitaries But know that it is an impossible job .”
However , Obama also aware of their risk of being murdered than any predecessors . If during the presidential election campaign , the time that he was not afraid to mix with the crowd of his supporters , close ( literally and figuratively ) to the public how much the presidency after he heard on the advice of the guards that much , avoid contact with the crowd. Most of the meetings took place later in the security dense .

The car door 2 inches thick !

It is a normal job looks by where Obama was campaigning to go again . But for a president who promised to break barriers between politicians and people , it is a step backwards .

Many years ago , foreign dignitaries have developed many techniques and equipment to improve the protection of the president. A range of new devices have been added to the arsenal of foreign dignitaries , from new technology to identify a new generation of armored vehicles .
Currently Obama has used a steel door Cadillac standard military : 2 inches thick . Night announced the election results May 11-2008 with the victory of the Democratic candidate , Mr. Obama stood before the victory speech of 250,000 people behind a bulletproof glass wall designed to prevent the hand sniper .

The last factor is the most important and people . The incident took place in the reception room of the White House in November

 ngoái là một minh chứng hùng hồn. Hai kẻ lạ mặt không có giấy mời vẫn lọt được vào bữa tiệc chiêu đãi của Tổng thống Obama, thậm chí còn bắt tay tổng thống chụp hình lưu niệm.

Cũng may là hai kẻ lạ mặt không phải là kẻ xấu, chỉ muốn trở thành những người nổi tiếng mà thôi. Nhưng bấy nhiêu đó cũng làm cho USSS xanh mặt và xấu hổ.